Önka Asansör
  • Hydraulic Freight Platform

    These products are exclusively intended to lift goods, manufactured in accordance with the standards and used indispensably in safely transporting the goods.

  • Hydraulic Scissor Platform

    Hydraulic Scissor Platform intended to lift cargo, goods, humans and persons with disabilities are available in many sizes and capacities.

  • Hydraulic Scissor Car Platform

    They are the systems are made of thicker and more solid materials as compared to regular scissor platforms in order to lift cars and specially designed for transporting cars to garages in the buildings. Machines capable of lifting cars up to 8-10 meters are available in our range.

  • Façade Elevators

    They are the multi-purpose lifts placed within a steel construction outside of building. Steel construction is equipped with bolted flanges made of solid sections and installed by the use of a crane.

  • Hydraulic Units

    They are designed and manufactured by us to meet the power requirement of all machines manufactured by us. State-of-the-art hydraulic units running with slow-fast logic especially in passenger lifts ensures quick, safe and comfortable transport.

  • Disabled Platforms

    They are the solid products manufactured and installed in accordance with EN81 standard in order to meet the needs of the handicapped with wheelchair.